Recycled Blown Glass Factory

From 1999 to 2001 I worked as the in house designer in Guajuye S.A de C.V, one of the largest recycled glass exporting companies in Mexico. My role was to create new product lines for the company and to interpret the client’s wishes to a team of 6 glass blowers and work together towards a finished glass product line.

One of my main concerns was that all the production knowledge was mainly in the heads of the glass blowers, so I created together with the IT team a data base of the production process of more than 500 glass products. I loved this job, but a new life was waiting for me in The Netherlands, so it was the moment to leave.

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Glass blowers in production. Great view!
With the glass 'master' creating prototypes for Crate and Barrel
San Miguel Allende
The glass factory
Quality check room