Crafts(wo)men communities, from product design to social design

I worked for the Government of the state of Guanajuato in 1998 as a design/production advisor to support 4 crafts (wo)men communities to improve their production processes and make their products more commercial. I traveled to 4 different communities in the state for one year. During this experience I realized that what I had committed to wasn’t to only be a ‘design advisor’, in the process I discovered that the expectations from the community were a lot higher. Working with 4 communities in one year was an insane plan and in the process I realized that my client goals were conflicting with the reality of the communities I was also working for. Discovering these ‘matters’ of action challenge me always.

It was a challenge to engage artisans who have been marginalized for so many years to participate with confidence in this project. The most important achievement was the detection of the problems that artisans, organizations and local government face when these programs are created with a" top down strategy" instead of working towards a 'vision' together.

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Tierra Blanca- Basket weaving
Preparing the material
Collecting material
Baskets, their main sales product
Exploring new possibilities with the material
Comonfort-Volcanic stone carving
Carving tools
Molcajetes in production process ( food mortars made with volcanic stone)
Juventino Rosas, toys and textiles
The loom
Hand woven kitchen towels
"Los Novios" rag dolls line created during the project