Desycling* Amsterdam 2006-2010

Between 2006 to 2010 we conceived and organized several Desycling projects in Amsterdam. The goal of these projects was to involve residents with the environmental and social issues within their neighborhood and to inspire them to take action. In addition, we invited a group of local residents to be trained as Desycle Coaches who were in charge of consolidating the results of the project.

All this happened throughout a series of brainstorms, workshops, projects and exhibitions where residents, shopkeepers and organizations in the neighborhood were involved.

*Desycling projects connect people, business and public institutions. Their social and environmental issues are addressed and they are motivated to take action by creating awareness in an inspiring, practical and pleasant way. Desycling stimulates creativity and encourages people to look differently at trash and waste issues and participaton.

‘The power of the Desycle concept is that it creates awareness in an- unawareness -way’

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Exhibition Desycling Amsterdam 2008 in the Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
Flyer Desycling Amsterdam 2008
Public discussion during the exhibition
Desycling workshops during the exhibition
Raincoats desycled reusing plastic bags
Desycling paper workshop for Desycling Amsterdam 2008
Desycled Necklace , made reusing one plastic bag
Kick-off meeting with the Desycling Coaches
Desycling toys
The Desycled bar at the exhibition
Desycling Coaches, Amsterdam Nieuw West
Desycle op Tafel 2009 ( Desycling at the table)
Desycle op tafel 2009 Amsterdam Nieuw West (Fruit bowl desycled with old magazines)
Flyer for project in Amsterdam Oud West 2006
"Chip-tas" ( chips handbag)
Desycle your school, Amsterdam Oud West 2006
Neighborhood Desycling workshops , Amsterdam Oud West 2006