Design and production of desycled products

During the Desycle Projects we transformed together with the participants and other invited designers, household trash into beautiful design products. We transformed empty cardboard boxes, plastic bags, old clothes, furniture, magazines and empty plastic bottles into D.I.Y trendy handbags, jewelry, raincoats and more. These products are designed taking into consideration the Desycle product criteria:

• The product should be possible to desycle, reuse, re-manufacture or recycle
• Communicate the local identity and cultural diversity through the products
• Products show a new aesthetic/use values.
• Low energy production process (low-tech & efficient performance)
• Improve living conditions (through service, production process or product itself)

Added value of Desycle:
• Product/service innovation and the production process innovation benefits the environment and society.

(in dutch)

photos:Netta Tauber
styling: Isabel Croon

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Wedding Chips Bag, made with 6 chips bags and fabric leftovers
Sushi Plate desycled with metal lids
Eye glasses case desycled with 2 cans
Flip-flops from desycled plastic bags
coasters made from milk and juice packaging
Necklace made with chips packaging
Chair desycled with fabric leftovers
Bread Baskets, desycled with flour sacks paper
Chips-bag, desycled with 6 bags of chips and fabric
tea bag coaster