A sustainable production facility for ‘De Regenboog Groep’

Because of the stigmatization of the homeless people within Amsterdam, de Regenboog Groep (an organization that looks after the homeless) asked us to develop a project that would give a fresh twist to stimulate the target group as well as positively influence the perception of the neighbors about the ‘homeless shelter’ in their area. The result from this project was a Desycling Production Facility that operates 5 days per week in which a group of homeless people work in the production of Desycled Products. The production was organized in collaboration with local shops and organizations from the neighborhood which provided the material for the production. These products are sold in 2 shops in Amsterdam

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background photo: Beatriz Fernandez

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Brainstorm at Desycle Workshop
Notebooks desycled with flour sacks
Preparing the material for the notebooks
Designing the necklaces
Neckclaces and earings desycled with coffee bean bags
Creative workshop with the target group