LADF (Latin American Design Foundation)

I came to live to the Netherlands in 2002 and in the search of what my role as a designer could be in this country I realized that Latin American Design was underexposed. I decided together with my partner Jeroen Nas to venture into exploring opportunities by organizing exchange projects and events like the first Latin American Design exhibitions in the Netherlands.

This 4 year journey experience grew to a network of 1500 Latin-American designers, from which 88 had the opportunity to exhibit their work/projects in The Netherlands, 3 design exchange projects, and the sales of more than 200 sorts of design products through Otro Diseño initiative which LADF co-founded and shared activities for 2 years.

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poster design: Arno Wolters & Eduardo Pérez
poster design: Ignacio Carmona
poster design: Mauricio Lara
poster design: Valeria Vallarta