Exhibitions hOLAnDA 2003 and 2005

In the second half of the 1990’s a new generation of designers undertook the task to express ‘The Mexican Identity’ through their products. Sustainability and Social Design concept ideas were also in search of an audience. The exhibitions hOLAnDA 2003 and hOLAnDA 2005 offered the opportunity to some of these young designers to showcase their work in Amsterdam. Through LADF I wanted to support them by creating a space and audience for their projects.

Over 150 design projects and products were showcased throughout these exhibitions to the public. We received very positive reactions from the audience as well as from the designers, but after Holanda 2005 we decided to stop when we realized these exhibitions were becoming an unsustainable project. Nevertheless we were able to draw the eyes of many design lovers towards Latin American Design, which keeps on generating attention.

Here you can see a selection of the projects and products that were part of these exhibitions:

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Latin American Bench, Rodrigo Bertotto, Argentina
Imelda Lamp, Mauricio Lara, México
Box T'shirt, Ovo Design, Cuba
Tapestry Cinética, Carla Tennembaum, Brasil
Inkjet printed silk shawls, Colombia