What I can do for you.

What I do
I’m an experienced creative thinker and hands-on doer. With those skills, I assist companies, organizations or governmental institutions to actively involve people in improving the social and/or environmental situation around them.

How do I do this?
I create and initiate interventions, often leading to projects. I use all forms of design as tools to stimulate people to intrinsically get involved in the matter that my client wants to focus on.

My approach
I work from an integrated approach and focus on creating sustainable results:

People - Taking into account the qualities and concerns of all stakeholders involved. These can include: managers, departments, neighborhoods, organizations, companies, institutions.

Planet - By (co)- designing the most suitable process to reach the assigned goals. This could be by the design of an intervention, a project, product or service.

Profit - Explore and evaluate the value exchanges which are generated throughout the project and the opportunities they bring. Examples are: recognition, business development, awareness, knowledge transfer, social cohesion or any other possible ‘valuable’ result.